Dragon Gold
"Rhodochrosite and Quartz, Calcite Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Colorado. Discovered in 2000 - Gerhard Wagner Collection. Photo: Tom Spann
The Collector's Edge is a world leader in mining, sourcing, and preparing superb quality mineral specimens. A passion to find great mineral specimens inspires the Collector's Edge to explore the world.
The Collector's Edge collaborates with our special international mining company to explore and mine for crystal treasures. This company uses award winning specimen collecting techniques as it works with mines and mining companies on six continents. Since 1984, the companies have operated or explored more than 100 worldwide localities.
The Collector's Edge maintains a world-class mineral preparation facility at our home office in Golden, Colorado.
Native Sulphur, Sicily, Italy
Our advanced laboratory techniques bring out the full beauty of the mineral specimens we source from around the globe.
Acquisition of superb quality specimens is a primary focus of the Collector's Edge. Museums and private collectors have come to rely on the Collector's Edge to uncover fine mineral specimens for their collections. Our mineral specimen inventory includes many thousands of superb pieces.
We cater to each person's special collecting needs. Through time, we build solid relationships that collectors can depend upon. This long-term support from Collector's Edge assists our customers in building the very finest mineral collections.
Beginning in Tucson 2022, we will be offering our latest discoveries EXCLUSIVELY at our beautiful new showroom in the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery. You will not want to miss shopping for mineral treasures at this fabulous venue!
Bryan. K. Lees.
Bryan K. Lees, President and Founder, Collector's Edge Minerals Inc
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